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Studio Session 

Last week I had the honor to record my 6th album at Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA.   I am excited to see the progress on the CD in just the last week. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback already.  This album still has an old time zydeco feel but each song is different in that they have influences of different types of music.  There will be something for everyone on this CD.  I wanted this CD to show my diversity and my band's true talent. To me, I have the perfect band of talented musicians and it

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What Next ?  

As I returned home from Alaska this week, I realized that I had so many things left unfinished, at home and with my music.  Traveling each week makes it difficult to remember the little things that need to be done.  As I sit in my hotel room in Denver, Colorado I am running through a long list of things to do.  I finally released my Live DVD and I'm very happy at how it turned out.  Next month a recorded  performance of my band will be aired on PBS stations nationwide. September I have my Live CD coming

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My Creations  Podcast

This is a rough edit of a live recording. Thinking about putting it on my new CD.  Let me know what you think.

My Life 

I grew up listening to and loving Zydeco music.  Each day I am motivated by the endless possibilities that are presented to me. I have been blessed with a wonderful talent and I am greatful that I am able to share with it with people all over the world.  My head constantly spins with new ideas, lyrics, beats and this is how I am able to come up with new songs.  This weekend I get to fly to Alaska and share Zydeco Music with a whole new group of people and experience things I have never seen before.  I am

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